If the first talking snake had kept shtum, we wouldn't be here. Eve wouldn't have eaten the forbidden fruit. But she listened and was curious. So she fell into humanity, thank God. Good old snake, say I. I celebrate its independence of mind. Satan? Neh, that's a later interpretation. The snake was part of the divine purpose. God allowed it into the garden, aware of its linguistic abilities. He knew what would happen. Jesus commended dove-like innocence. AND the wisdom ... of the snake.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Randy's Reply

(See "They've all got it in for me", posted April 10)

I challenged Randy to tell me how he knows that 50% of scientists believe in creationism, which is the natural reading of a statement on his site. As I suspected, that's not so:
As far as the 50% figure. I believe I read somewhere that approx. 50% of Scientists in this country believe in God.

I.e. not, except in a few cases, in creationism. Phew. But I don't think Randy knows the difference. The rest of his e-mail confirms my earlier diagnosis. I could be naughty and reproduce it here without his permission, but I think I'd better ask him first...


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