If the first talking snake had kept shtum, we wouldn't be here. Eve wouldn't have eaten the forbidden fruit. But she listened and was curious. So she fell into humanity, thank God. Good old snake, say I. I celebrate its independence of mind. Satan? Neh, that's a later interpretation. The snake was part of the divine purpose. God allowed it into the garden, aware of its linguistic abilities. He knew what would happen. Jesus commended dove-like innocence. AND the wisdom ... of the snake.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mull thoughts from back home

Spent a few days on the Isle of Mull earlier in the month. As ever we hit lucky with the weather (our fourth trip and we haven't had a truly foul day yet) and left wondering why we don't just sell up and move there NOW. Yeah yeah, think practicalities. And very long winters.

This is Croig bay, west of Dervaig; little there now to show it was once the main harbour for cattle being shipped in from the Outer Hebrides on their way to the mainland.

This time I was struck by the many antiquities on the island. Here is a fine group of standing stones dating from the Bronze Age. The general consensus in the guide books is that Mull's first inhabitants settled here around 9,000 BC.

Except they can't have done so far as a YE creationist is concerned. They would have to have migrated here from around Ararat after the Flood, which would not have given them that long. And given the inhospitability of the climate for much of the year, why should they have done so?

Mull is a magnet for geologists, whose studies are readily available in Mull's bookshops (both of them ... well it's not quite that bad, but the whole island has a population of little more than 3,000 - and it's a damn sight bigger than Manhattan!) These assume a 4.5 billion year old earth as a matter of course. It's not some wild conspiracy: neh, the earth is old so there's no God. It's just the scientific consensus. A YE creationist would have a hard time on Mull: the whole culture screams deep antiquity, archaeological and geological, and he can't hear it.


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